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  • Gaomi Fung Shing Machinery Factory is located in dense water zone, east of the beautiful scenery of the coastal city of Qingdao, Weifang International Kite west. Near the Jinan Railway, the new high-speed railway Jinan, Jinan-Qingdao Railway, with three high-speed railway running through, only 80 kilometers away from Qingdao Civil Aviation Airport, 60 km away from Qingdao cargo port, the traffic is very convenient. 

    Our factory is a professional development, research and production of concrete elements forming machine manufacturers, is the design, development, production, sales and service in one integrated enterprise. U-factory production, rectangular, hexagonal fast, flat, curved and other components used in the U-shaped, trapezoidal channels, embankments, slope and other projects, the size is accurate, high density, good frost resistance, impermeability, flexural properties, it was built with the channel, good quality, long life, easy construction, saving cost. Achieved good social and business benefits in the country.

    The company has first-class technical staff, with a number of companies in recent years, the company has partnered processed products for national key projects supporting the same time, keep out of the country, along with the rapid development of the economy changing, increasingly competitive market , for which we must strengthen production management, continuous improvement management, improve product quality and technical level, in order to meet customer requirements. Efforts to build the company into "first-class management, first-class quality, efficiency class service, first-class reputation," the modern manufacturing enterprises. 

    Feng Cheng Machinery will be a new, modern technology, high-tech products dedicated to the construction of farmland water conservancy, friends and the community is willing to join hands in creating, integrity legislation, mutual benefit, sincere cooperation and seek common cause, create brilliant, create a new chapter for the twenty-first century technology and water conservation, and make greater contribution.

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